Hemion® Equine Supplement 32 oz.


For horses that bleed through the nose as a result of intense work.

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For horses that bleed through the nose as a result of intense work.

Hemion® is a liquid solution of nutrients, herbs and natural bioflavonoids designed to reduce artery wall defects and prevent capillary fragility, thus helping to prevent excessive bleeding and scar tissue damage.

Features and Benefits
• Contains premium ingredients for better results.
• Contains key ingredients formulated to strengthen and repair the blood vessels through the lungs.
• Contains B-vitamins to help control homocysteine levels, which has been shown to reduce defects in artery wall formation.
• Formulated to help prevent tissue, vascular rupture and maintain vascular elasticity.
• Contains natural bioflavonoids, which have been shown to prevent capillary fragility.

Function Facts™
Vascular Integrity – Rose Hips
Blood Circulation – Rosemary
Bioflavonoids – Rose Hips
Homocysteine Level Control – B6, Folic Acid, B12

Directions: Shake well before use.
Administer 2 oz. (60 ml) daily into the horse’s mouth.

Use product at least three weeks prior to performance. It is recommended that no bran be fed and that no fast work be carried out for the first two weeks.

Expect Results: Within 14 days.

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