Trailer Eyes 2.4 GHz Wireless Horse Camera Monitoring System


Even if it’s a 6-horse trailer with living quarter or a simple 2-horse bumper pull, we
guarantee that you can setup Trailer Eyes® Plus in a few minutes and embark on a
worry-free trailering journey.

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Trailer Eyes® Plus 2.4 GHz

Model: TE-0912

We guarantee that this set will work for your truck and trailer setup or your money back. The reason we can guarantee this is because the set has two outdoor booster antennas which process, send, and receive signals on the outside of your truck and trailer.

2.4 GHz wireless, color, night vision, weatherproof camera

No tools required for installation, can be set up in 5 minutes

Removable clamping base and permanent camera mounting bracket are included

Color monitor

Two outdoor, weather proof booster antennas for guaranteed reception
Infrared Night Vision camera*. Can be operated in total darkness within 10 meters range

Power source can be from 9V battery or 12V trailer lighting power
A single alkaline 9V battery can operate the camera up to 2 hours in day time, one hour under night vision mode.

* When night vision function is on, the monitor will only show black and white pictures

The following are the two biggest obstacles in wireless video transmission between the truck and trailer.

The signals are blocked by the trailer’s metal frame and can’t be transmitted.
There are too many wireless devices in the surrounding environment, such as cell phones, blue tooth devices, and internet Wi-Fi that can cause interference.

Our solution is simple and effective. By using two outdoor booster antennas to process, send and receive the signal, Trailer Eyes® Plus avoids the frequency jam inside your truck, and the signal blockage from the truck and trailer’s metal frame.

The unique features of Trailer Eyes® Plus:

1. Two outdoor weatherproof booster antennas to ensure maximum signal sending and reception.

2. New and improved camera clamping base. Why a clamping base?

A. The number of horses may vary with each trip, and you can adjust the camera in the trailer for the best angle.

B. For an overnight camping trip. You can clamp the camera on a post to monitor your horses throughout the night. You can sleep a little bit tighter in your tent or living quarters.

C. After the trailering trip, you can use Trailer Eyes® Plus everywhere as an easily setup surveillance camera.

D. The clamping base itself is a battery case. When another power source is not available, a 9V battery will operate the camera for up to 2 hours in the daytime, and 1 hour during the night.

E. Use Trailer Eyes® Plus as a back-up camera to help you hook up the ball and hitch.

3. Trailer Eyes® Plus can use all kinds of power sources: A 9V battery, 12V trailer lighting system power, 12V car lighter power, vehicle emergency jumpstart battery pack, 110 to 240V house power (optional 110/240V power adapter sold separately).

Even if it’s a 6-horse trailer with living quarters or a simple 2-horse bumper pull, we guarantee that you can setup Trailer Eyes® Plus in a few minutes and embark on a worry-free trailering journey. We believe our product is a safety device essential for today’s rider. Please give Trailer Eyes® Plus a try.
Includes simple installation and a money back guarantee.

Included Items:

1. Windshield suction mounting bracket for monitor

2. Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for monitor, with 16 ft. long cable

3. Clamp and magnet base booster antenna for camera, with 16 ft. long cable

4. Monitor ( 3.5″, 2.4 GHz. color, wireless)

5. Camera (with automatic infrared night vision, weatherproof, color)*

6. Permanent mounting bracket for camera

7. Car lighter power adapter for monitor

8. Clamping base with built-in battery case for camera

9. 12v trailer lighting power adapter for camera

10. 9V battery (Alkaline, non-rechargeable) for initial setup use

* In order to receive color pictures, the light and setting must be in perfect studio condition. Otherwise, it will not show the true color.

Safety Disclaimer

**This product should not be used by the driver of a motor vehicle while driving. Always keep your hands free to operate a vehicle while driving. Obey all local laws. Your first consideration while driving should be safety. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Trailer Eyes, its subsidiaries and licensors hereby disclaim all liability arising out of any use of this product and its contents.

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